We are glad you are visiting the Klamath Regional Health Equity Coalition website. Our belief is health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health for all people. 
Klamath County is served by two health equity coalitions: the Klamath Regional Health Equity Coalition (KRHEC) and the Chiloquin First Coalition. KRHEC serves the Klamath Falls community and is led by a steering committee. KHREC members have worked on topic-specific subgroups throughout 2015 in the areas of transportation and health literacy. Moving forward, there will most likely be subcommittees to work directly on the social exclusion simulation, health literacy, and population-specific tobacco education, among other topics.
The Chiloquin First Coalition serves the community of Chiloquin. Since its inception in August 2015, Chiloquin First members have identified their target population and primary focus areas. Chiloquin First serves the American Indian and/or low income populations in the Chiloquin area and is focused on youth substance abuse prevention and positive youth development. Chiloquin First is partnering with local alcohol retailers, Tribal Council, Tribal Health, and Chiloquin High to initiate youth-led substance abuse prevention awareness activities in the community. Additionally, Chiloquin First partnered with Tribal Education, Tribal Health, Chiloquin High, and Chiloquin Elementary to offer more activities and events for Chiloquin youth, with the overall goals of a) creating sustainable partnerships between Tribal and non-Tribal organizations that work with youth and b) enacting a policy at Chiloquin High to offer more culturally appropriate programs and events for youth.
Klamath County is a sparsely populated, large geographic area. Fewer than 70,000 people live on 6,136 square miles, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. Klamath Falls is the county population center with 21,000 residents. About 80% of area residents are Caucasian, 11% Hispanic, 5% Native American and 4% other races. Rates of unemployment (10%), poverty (19%), teen pregnancy (17.5%) and child abuse (28.9 per 1,000) are consistently higher than state averages. (Sources: US Census, County Data Book published by Children First)
Our target communities are Hispanic/Latino, people with disabilities (including mental illness), low-income, LGBTQ, and Tribal communities. 

Klamath Regional Health Equity Coalition and Chiloquin First are projects
of Klamath County Public Health.